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Connecting Owners of Art, Antiques and Other Objects with Experienced Service Providers.
Art Storage and Transportation Companies Offer a variety of services, including packing, transportation, shipping, crating and installation.
Archival Framers Employ only the least invasive techniques and materials and consider the long term effects of the housing within, as well as outside, the frame.
Gilders/Craftsmen Handle complex gilding and metal restoration as well as decorative painting, trompe loeil.
Art Store and Conservation Suppliers Offer comprehensive line of products for conservation, preservation, exhibition and archival storage of art and artifacts.
Art Lawyers Lawyers who provide legal services regarding art.
Disaster Recovery Companies and Programs First response, salvaging and recovery for art and artifacts.
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Featured Provider
West Lake Conservators, Ltd. — Conservator
A nationally recognized firm specializing in the preservation of historic and artistic works. They provide comprehensive services to save and maintain America's treasures for future generations.
What People Are Saying About Art-Care
Sharon Campbell, Campbell Fine Art, LLC Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA), American Society of Appraisers

We will get in touch with our friends about our art-care experience. Especially that any one of these jobs more than paid our annual membership fee.

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Susan Blakney, West Lake ConservatorsFellow AIC and IIC Conservator

Thank you Judith and Art-Care, for not giving up on creating this referral web site for the preservation of art and historic artifacts, including often necessary aligned businesses, to market our talents and services.

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Kate Singley, Conservation Anthropologica AIC, AIC-CERT, PA, IIC Conservator

About two months ago I treated some bronzes that went through a house fire, and in discussing the case with the local insurance adjuster, recommended the Art Care site as a resource, in addition to AIC.

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Todd W. Sigety, WSA Appraisals ISA & CAPP

What I like about the site is that it is a listing for all art professionals, not just appraisers, or art handlers, so many collectors and affiliated professionals can search the site and find an auction house to sell, and insurer to insure a collection, a framer to frame, and of course find qualified appraisers.

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Our Mission

Support the stewardship, preservation and protection of art and other material culture under private ownership by connecting owners with highly qualified service providers.


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