Conservation: Jewelry

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The power that jewelry holds over us is the power that admits the combining glory of a craftsperson and earth.

Because jewelry is almost always a composite of materials, its care can really only be determined by an expert. Each piece is an individual whose needs differ depending upon the materials used. Most of the dangers that jewelry faces is from daily wear. Recognizing this gives you the opportunity to be thoughtful about the purpose of the piece.

The care and cleaning of jewelry is entirely dependent upon the type of piece you have, on the whole, always consult a conservator to receive clear instructions.


  • Many stones and settings can be damaged if soaked in water. Consult a conservator about your piece
  • Many stones and settings can be damaged if cleaning solutions are used. Consult a conservator about your piece
  • Always check your piece to be certain that stones are secure
  • Every five to seven years have necklaces restrung


  • Store jewelry in separate containers that are thoroughly lined
  • Certain metals and silver need to be kept in a lining that is acid-free, consult a conservator regarding which ones

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