Conservation: Photographs

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The evocative nature of photography is its ability to capture a figure, a moment, an emotion, and then to allow us to linger upon it.

There are many different processes that have been used throughout the history of photography. Three of the earliest, but not the only, are the daguerreotype, the tintype, and the ambrotype. To maintain their quality, each method requires a unique conservation technique. Even maintaining a collection of modern, color photographs takes care and attention. The one universal, though, is the perfect conditions for storage: dark, cool and dry.


  • Do not touch photographs with bare hands
  • Consult a conservator for appropriate light, temperature and humidity settings
  • Store photographs in safe individual compartments, like archival boxes, plastic sleeves, or acid-free paper
  • Due to the differences within the photographic process, contact a conservator to discuss the appropriate care for your collection
  • If framing photographs, use a glass that filters ultraviolet light, like UF-3 Plexiglas
  • If mounting, only use material that has passed PAT (Photographic Activity Test)
  • If photograph is damaged, always refer to a conservator. Never attempt to mend it
  • Keep documentation of all photographs. Only write on the back of photographs in #2 pencil

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