Conservation: Silver

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Silver touches a place deep in our hearts. It is the place that is both our past and our future.

There is the sense that we all know how to care for silver. For generations, silver has been polished and cleaned to restore its shine and eliminate tarnish. Now, we have more scientific knowledge about the chemical make-up of silver than ever imagined. Due to this information, take the time to talk to a conservator about your pieces and how to maintain their well being, and their long-lasting value.


  • Keep contact with acidic food, such as lemons and tomatoes to a minimum
  • When cleaning never use anything with a metal part
  • Do not use commercial polishes or dips as they are too severe
  • Do not over polish pieces, as silver will be worn away
  • Do not polish pieces, if any damage is discovered, i.e. cracks
  • Dust silver before polishing to guarantee no damage from scratching
  • To dust, use soft vacuum brush nozzle
  • Wash pieces in warm water and mild detergent, unless they have hollowed-handled parts
  • To polish use a mixture of calcium carbonate and mild detergent
  • Polish is small circles instead of rubbing
  • For polishing use a flannel cloth or loose cotton
  • Rinse with clean water
  • Dry with a clean flannel cloth
  • Store silver in recommended containers i.e. Pacific Silver Cloth
  • Discuss with a conservator what is best for your pieces

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