What People Are Saying About Art-Care

Sharon Campbell ASA
Campbell Fine Art, LLC, Research and Appraisal

We will get in touch with our friends about our art-care experience. Especially that any one of these jobs more than paid our annual membership fee.

Susan Blakney, Chief Conservator
West Lake Conservators

Thank you Judith, for not giving up on creating this referral web site for the preservation of art and historic artifacts, including often necessary aligned businesses, to market our talents and services. I admire and support your foresight and dedication to to this project. Marketing and advertising is an important and very expensive necessary link for professional conservators in private practice. Our rare field needs all the publicity we can get to educate the public and our clients. With meagre advertising budgets this group approach is important for the public to find and select competent professionals. I certainly do not consider it competition to AIC's referral service. Art-Care is a long needed complement to AIC and all the professional organizations you refer and promote members of. The more members you subscribe, the more you can advertise for us all. Your vision has been a long term effort and growth we will all positively benefit from.

Thank you again.


Kate Singley
Conservation Anthropologica
Decatur, GA

About two months ago I treated some bronzes that went through a house fire, and in discussing the case with the local insurance adjuster, recommended the Art Care site as a resource, in addition to AIC. The local adjuster said he would pass the information up his chain of command. A personalized page with images really can help match individuals and their needs to providers, more so than just working with a list of names. Plus there are framers, riggers, art handlers & shippers, designers. As I am approaching retirement, I am now too much of a dinosaur to even consider creating my own web page, so Art Care works for me.

Todd W. Sigety, ISA CAPP
WSA Appraisals
Appraiser Workshops

What I like about the site is that it is a listing for all art professionals, not just appraisers, or art handlers, so many collectors and affiliated professionals can search the site and find an auction house to sell, and insurer to insure a collection, a framer to frame, and of course find qualified appraisers. I am not aware of any other site doing anything similar or better. With the upcoming planned advertising campaign, and the pledge of membership dollars being pledged for more promotions, the membership fees are extremely reasonable.

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